What is greylisting and how do I use it?

What is greylisting and how do I use it?

This article explains how greylisting operates on our mail servers and how to enable and disable the service on an email account.

This article applies to Shared Hosting and Reseller accounts.

Greylisting protection is an anti-spam measure we include for free on all incoming mail. It's enabled by default and we recommend you leave it turned on.

It works by imposing a short delay on the first e-mail we receive from each sender: when our server receives the mail it asks the sending mail server to try again in 5 minutes. This is something which all genuine mail servers will do automatically, but which compromised PCs used for sending spam often ignore.

Once the first mail is successfully delivered we then remember that sender and let further mails through automatically, without any delay at all. A sender only has to be approved once across all users whose mail we process — so you benefit from the greylisting we do for our other users, and if somebody mails you (or any other user on our system) at least once a month then he/she will never be subject to any further greylisting delays.

Enabling & Disabling Greylisting


Login to your Donhost control panel.


Browse to the Mailboxes page for the desired account.


Locate the section headed Greylisting and check or uncheck the Enable Greylisting check box to enable or disable the greylisting service.


Click Submit to save your changes.

Please note: These changes are made on a per hosting account basis. It is not possible to enable the service for some mailboxes and not others, and, if multiple domain names are mapped to the hosting account in question, changes to the service will affect each mapped domain name.