Understanding the reseller migration process

Understanding the reseller migration process

This article explains the steps involved in the migration process from a Unix Reseller account to a Unix Dedicated Server.

This article applies to Unix Reseller accounts and Unix Dedicated Servers.

Several stages are involved in the migration process; we recommend that you read the following information carefully and discuss any queries with us prior to embarking on the upgrade to a dedicated server.

Copying Data & Settings

Generally within 24 hours we will copy the data and settings from your reseller account to your new dedicated server; however if your liaise with us prior to or immediately after ordering your server we will be able to copy the data and settings at an agreed time. Web site files, databases, mailboxes, email settings, statistics and log files will all be copied to your dedicated server. Once the copying of data and settings is complete we will email you the activation notice for your dedicated server including its login details. At this point your reseller account will be unaffected and will continue to serve all your accounts.

Please note: Any changes made to content, databases or settings on your reseller account after the migration process has begun but before the sites are fully transferred to the dedicated server will be lost.

DNS Change

You can now log in to your dedicated server and test the web sites on it using temporary URLs. You can also do any additional pre-transfer preparations at this stage, such as setting the server's primary domain name. Once you are happy with the server configuration inform us via https://cp.donhost.co.uk/dedicatedservers.cp.

We will then configure our DNS servers to direct traffic for your domain names to your new dedicated server.

Please note: Whilst DNS changes are propagating, sites will be served by both the reseller hosting servers and your dedicated server; all mail will however be delivered to your dedicated server. Any messages not collected prior to the DNS change should be collected from the reseller hosting servers via WebMail or by temporarily having your mail client collect mail from mail.turbodns.co.uk.

Downgrade Reseller Account

Whilst DNS changes are propagating your sites will be served by both your dedicated server and your reseller account. We recommend that you keep your reseller account open for a 48 period after the DNS change to ensure that there is no loss of service for your sites or email. At this stage you may request the downgrade of your reseller account via https://cp.donhost.co.uk/dedicatedservers.cp.

We will close your reseller account; all UNIX and forwarding accounts including the data stored on them will be deleted. You will however still be able to login to your central control panel to manage your dedicated server and billing data.