How do I transfer my UK domain to Donhost?

How do I transfer my UK domain to Donhost?

This article will explain how to transfer your UK domain name to Donhost.

UK Domain Names (, &

You will need to contact the controller of the IPS tag and request that they transfer control of the domain name to us by setting the IPS tag to WEBFUSION.


Login to your Donhost control panel.


Click the Domains tab on the navigation bar.


Click the Add domains link.


Select the Existing Domain radio button and enter the desired domain name into the Domain field without the www prefix.


Choose the appropriate hosting account to map the subdomain to from Map To list.


Click Next.

The transfer options for each domain name are shown in an adjacent drop down box. Select Add To Account and the domain name will be added to your account and any required mapping created.


Click Next to proceed, the domain name(s) selected will be added to your account.