How can I use Donhost webmail to read my emails?

How can I use Donhost webmail to read my emails?

This article explains how to use the Donhost webmail application in order to access POP3 mailboxes and read emails.

This article applies to Shared Hosting and Reseller accounts.

The webmail facility provides a browser based interface for you to send and receive email from a mailbox on our servers, ideal for keeping in touch when you are away from your regular email client.

Browse to the webmail login page at

Tip: Resellers can maintain anonymity for their customers from the Donhost brand by instead browsing to


You will be prompted for the email address and password of the mailbox you wish to access. The mailbox password will be the same as set when the mailbox was originally created.


Click Login to access your email account.


Click Inbox from the left-hand navigation pane to view your emails. The date and time of receipt, sender, message subject and size are viewable.

Tip: Click the Send Receive button in the top navigation bar to poll the mail server for any new messages.