How can I transfer my Top Level Domain (TLD) to Donhost?

How can I transfer my Top Level Domain (TLD) to Donhost?

This article explains how to completely transfer a Top Level Domain to Donhost so that it is no longer associated with the previous domain registry.

This article applies to Shared Hosting, Reseller accounts and Dedicated Servers.

In order to fully control your TLD inside your Donhost control panel, you must initiate a full domain name transfer in order to release the domain name from the existing registrar so that you can manage it completely from your hosting control panel.

Initiating a TLD Transfer

To initiate a TLD transfer request domain name not currently present in your Donhost control panel, you will need to do the following:


Add the domain name to your account via the Add Domain page.


Enter the domain name you wish to transfer, select the Existing Domain option, and specify where the domain name should be mapped (pointed) to.

Tip: For domain names already hosted on your account but not under our administrative control, click the Manage link adjacent to the domain name and click Initiate Transfer on the resulting page.


Click Next to proceed and choose Registrar Transfer from the drop down box on the following page.


You will be asked to enter the Registry Auth Code.

This is a code generated by the existing domain name registrar and provided to the domain holder to ensure that requests to transfer the domain name to Donhost are legitimate.


Click Next, A summary of the order will be displayed. Review the details carefully, then enter your PIN Number and click Transfer Domains to proceed.

Please note: The initiation of a GTLD transfer requires the renewal of the domain name for one year at the same time. This charges will be displayed on screen.

Tip: Should a transfer request fail for any reason, we will send an email notifying you of this. This email will contain a link allowing you to re-initiate the transfer free of charge.