How can I set up MX records for a domain name?

How can I set up MX records for a domain name?

This article explains MX (Mail Exchanger) records and how to apply them in the hosting control panel.

This article applies to Shared Hosting, Reseller accounts and Dedicated Servers

The MX records for a domain name instruct other mail servers where to send messages destined for that domain name.

Tip: If you wish to host your mail on your Donhost account, you need not specify any MX records – simply map your domain name to your hosting account and we will do the rest.

Adding a MX record


Login to your Donhost control panel.


Click the Domains link on the navigation bar.


Click the DNS or Manage link corresponding to the domain name you wish to edit an A / CNAME record for.


Click Add MX Record.

On the resulting screen enter your domain prefix (if any) and TTL – if you do not know what this is, leave blank as the default value is suitable in most cases. Select the distance (this determines the order in which the MX records are read) and enter the host name of the server to which mail should be delivered in the Value field.

Important: Ensure you terminate the server host name value with a period or . character in order for it to load correctly into DNS.


Click Add Record.

The following example shows the required layout to point email for the domain to the mail server


Distance: 0


Please note: The name servers are reloaded hourly; it may therefore take up to one hour before the changes you make become active on our DNS servers. Once changes have become active other name servers on the Internet may continue to serve the old information until the data in their cache times out.