Do I need to change my MX records to use SPAM Bouncer?

Do I need to change my MX records to use SPAM Bouncer?

This article explains any DNS changes required to use the SPAM Bouncer service with a Donhost hosting account.

This article applies to Shared Hosting, Reseller accounts and Dedicated Servers.

Depending on the name server records for the domain name that has SPAM Bouncer configured, you may need to make DNS settings in order to direct email to our SPAM Bouncer mail server cluster for the anti spam checks to be performed.

Shared Hosting & Reseller Accounts

If you have a Shared Hosting or Reseller account with Donhost, and your name servers are configured to either of the following:


then we will add the necessary DNS records on your behalf and you need take no action.

Dedicated Servers

If you have a Dedicated Server account with Donhost then you will need to configure the following MX record on your domain name:

Please ensure that the MX record value that you add is terminated with a period character as shown in the example above. This change will allow our SPAM Bouncer mail cluster to scan your emails before sending them on to the correct mailboxes on your dedicated server.