Benefit from reselling dedicated servers to your clients

Benefit from reselling dedicated servers to your clients

This article explains the benefits of reselling the Donhost dedicated server solution to your own end users

This article applies to Shared Hosting, Reseller accounts and Dedicated Servers.

Demand for dedicated server hosting solutions is rising rapidly as the complexity of web sites increases and businesses put more of their processes online. Potential new customers seek flexible dedicated hosting and your existing shared hosting account holders require a smooth upgrade path to their own server. Utilising Donhost's data centres, network and in-house knowledge enables you to offer managed dedicated server hosting solutions under your own brand with zero financial investment.

Product Highlights

Donhost has invested millions of pounds and hours of research to create what is the most comprehensive, reliable and cost effective dedicated hosting solution on the market. Key features include:

  • Microsoft Windows 2003 & UNIX/Linux options
  • Range of hardware options to suit all requirements and budgets
  • Familiar Donhost web based control panel administration interface
  • Full Remote Desktop/SSH administrator access
  • Security patching and system administration performed by Donhost, no technical knowledge is required
  • Service Level Agreement including 100% uptime guarantee, instant reboots and backup hardware
  • Flexible & cost effective bandwidth/data transfer upgrades (NetBlox) Redundant hardware firewall as standard
  • Flexible contract terms, no lock-in period or set-up fee

For additional product information please see our web site or download the PDF brochure.

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Download PDF Brochure

Branding & Customisation

You can activate the reseller functions of each server via its web based control panel. As part of this process you create a login and password for your administrative access to the server and upload your branding template (a default unbranded template with no reference to Donhost is provided for customers not wishing to create their own template).

When using the web based control panel interface on the server your client will see your branding and company name. Additionally, there are no references to Donhost in server configuration files accessible via Remote Desktop or SSH and you can even set the reverse DNS names on the server IP addresses to your company domain name.

Your administrative login to the server which cannot be seen, changed or removed by your client ensures that you always have full access to the server even if your client changes the standard administrative logins. Using your login you can change the server branding, change server configuration and login to your clients control panels for troubleshooting without knowing their passwords.

Marketing Resources

Product information is provided in unbranded form which you may utilise in your promotional materials. The HTML web page content may be used on your web site and uses standard formatting tags to enable you to control its appearance using CSS. The content is also available in PDF format which you may print on your stationary or edit to your requirements.

By downloading any of the marketing resources you agree to the following terms of use:

  • Donhost retains all copyright and intellectual property rights over the marketing resources.
  • Donhost grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the resources in connection with the promotion of Donhost products and services.
  • You may not use the marketing resources in connection with non Donhost products and services.
  • Should you cease to be a Donhost customer or should we request that you do so, you will immediately cease to use and destroy any copies of the resources.

  • Download Unbranded HTML Content
    Download Unbranded PDF Brochure

    Pricing & Ordering

    Pricing for dedicated servers and accompanying options may be found on our web site or in the PDF brochure referenced above. You may set your pricing and contract terms to your customers as you wish.

    Since our standard margins are already small, we cannot typically offer discounts over the standard pricing for small volumes of servers. Since however the standard feature set is comprehensive and the standard pricing competitive there is ample scope for you to add generous margins and remain competitive. You may also consider charging a set-up fee and/or charging your customer monthly whilst subscribing quarterly or annually with us where pre-payment discounts already apply.

    Partners reselling significant numbers of servers (greater than 5) and dealing with the multitude of end user technical support without assistance from Donhost may wish to contact our sales team to discuss a custom discount structure to suit their requirements. For individual opportunities in excess £10,000 annual contract value we can provide additional sales support including attending your sales presentations and data centre tours as well as bespoke pricing, please contact our sales team for details.

    You may provision dedicated servers via the Dedicated Servers page. Servers are allocated and the access details provided instantly. You can then login to the dedicated server to enable the reseller functions and upload your branding template before sending your activation notice to your client.

    Resellers not wishing to look after dedicated server customer accounts directly may wish to consider our referral scheme under which Donhost will manage the customer account and provide technical support whilst you earn credit for your Donhost hosting services.