Does Donhost scan my incoming mail for viruses automatically?

Does Donhost scan my incoming mail for viruses automatically?

This article explains how mail virus scanning works on the Donhost hosting platform.

This article applies to Shared Hosting, and Reseller accounts.

Our mail server virus scanning facility protects your mailbox from unwanted and damaging viruses. Virus scanning is enabled for all accounts by default. Should a virus be detected in an email bound for your inbox, the scanning facility will automatically block the mail and issue a reply to the sender, notifying them of the detection of a virus.

Definitions are checked for and updated automatically ensuring that you are protected against emerging threats. The virus scanner is capable of detecting all known virus types, including polymorphic or self-encrypting viruses — it is even capable of scanning the contents of compressed archives such as .zip and .rar files ensuring that no virus bearing email can make it to your inbox.

Please note: If you use third party mail filtering services or MX records or if mail in a way so that it bypasses the current MX record it is not possible for this scan to take place.