How do I create a new hosting account?

How do I create a new hosting account?

This article explains how to create a new resold hosting account through your hosting control panel.

This article applies to Reseller accounts and Dedicated Servers.


Login to your Donhost control panel.


Click the Accounts link on the navigation bar.


Click the Create Account link.

Depending on your hosting account, you will have some or all of the following account types to choose from, select the radio button corresponding to the appropriate account type:

Unix Virtual Server

A Unix virtual server provides a robust and stable hosting platform ideal for the vast majority of web sites. Includes support for CGI Scripts, PHP, mySQL and Microsoft FrontPage.

Windows 2003 Virtual Server

Windows 2003 virtual servers provide support for technologies including ASP, ASP.NET, Access databases, XML and Microsoft SQL Server databases. It is recommended only for developers who will be using ASP or ASP.NET pages.

Web Forwarding/Domain Parking

This type of account allows you to forward requests for web pages elsewhere or park a domain name. Includes full email facilities as with the other account types.


Click Next to proceed to the next stage of the account creation process.


Enter a username and password for the account in the appropriate fields.

Please note: Usernames can be between 2 and 16 characters and must consist of small letters only. Passwords must consist of letters and numbers only.


Specify the quotas for the account. Quotas can be used to control the amount of resources your client may consume and include Diskspace, Mailboxes, Data Transfer.


Specify any additional features you wish the account to have. This facility can be used to control which features your client has access to via their individual control panel.

Control Panel

If this box is checked, an individual control panel for this account can be accessed at


If this box is checked, graphical usage statistics for this account will be accessible via its individual control panel.


If this box is checked, custom DNS records for the account may be created via its individual control panel.


Click Create Account to complete the account creation process.